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Family Update: Goodbye My Little Guy


Where have I been and why am I sharing this picture? Unfortunately over this past weekend my kitty Kyro suddenly became pretty sick. We've almost had him for 12 years. Since we live in a small country town of course no vets open on the weekends ( I won't get started on that) so hubby and I tried to make him comfortable as possible lots of not sleeping for us, no working and etc. Monday we took him to the vet asap. We were told it looked like he had a viral infection so loaded him up with antibiotics, and a round of IV Fluids. Tue he seemed a little better we had to feed him and pump water into him. Yesterday he actually got up and ate his cat food and seemed on his way to healing. Suddenly around noon he started yowling, and became so weak; we rushed him to the vet again. They discovered after more tests he had a huge mass in his body so all this time we thought he was putting on weight this past year it was the mass growing inside him :( So yesterday we had to say goodbye to our guy and our hearts broke. This took us completely by surprise as he has been very healthy and pretty active for his age. It's hard to loose a pet because they really become part of your family. For me it is going to be a huge adjustment as we had a routine every morning that was pretty step by step.

Our mornings were get up at 5am, a greeting when I would go into the bathroom. Then off to turn on computer, out to the kitchen to get coffee started while he would follow me around and chatter at me. Put the dog's collars on and he would chatter at him and follow him to the door where I let Gizmo out. Then off to the laundry to feed Kyro and pet him. Back to the kitchen to get my coffee and let the dog back in where Kyro would greet him at the door again. Then all three of us off to my craftroom to catch up on emails and etc where they both would curl up at my feet together on their blanket. My dog today realizes he is missing he was looking for him. We got both of them only a few months apart and they were best buds.


Goodbye my little guy and thank you for 12 years love and cuddles.




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