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Family Gifts: November Box + Thanksgiving Day

November Family Box 1

November Month Box

This is another gift we created for our family members and is part of the "Year Gift" we made. If you would like to see more info about this awesome project we created and what I've shared so far click on the little tag on the left side of my blog labeled Year of Gifts or visit HERE or visit my pinterest board  Rubber Redneck Year Gifts to see them all in one spot.

At the beginning of each month; each family had a box to open on the first of the month besides the random days we picked out of each month.  In this month box is a fact sheet we put together about the month it includes the following: the history of the month's name, historical things that happened for the month on select dates, and what the month is know for. (It's pretty cool as I am a huge history buff so I love these sheets we created!) Each month is also know for a lot of things so we just picked a few things that we thought would be fun to learn about. November Box features the following; Puzzle Week, Thanksgiving Family, and Black Friday.

What we did: 


For Thanksgiving: We had a bit of fun with this. I decorated pudding boxes by making punch turkeys. I used some retired dsp from my stash along with card stock. I used the following Circle Punches to create this, 2", 1 3/4", 1 1/4", 1", 3/4", and 1/8 hand held punch. Supper easy and fun to make. These would make great table decorations! I also found some table cloths that you color in that had turkeys and etc all over them. The kids adored them.


Two of the siblings received these photo frames. I used some dsp from another company from my stash to decorate. I modgepodge the dsp onto the wood frame. I found some family chipboard pieces and painted them yellow and hot glued them to the frame.

November Family Box 2

Then to be funny we have two brothers that we never get to have thanksgiving with on thanksgiving day. My brother works at Target and the other brother hosts an annual gathering at their home. We thought it would be hilarious to provide thanksgiving fixings all but the turkey....what I hadn't planned on is that I would be eating one of these meals. So that prank backfired on me karma right?? lol

Black Friday Gift

Black Friday: Another one of those ideas that we just had fun with, we made 3 kits the same and then a real special one for my brother ;). I put the kits in a White lunch bag, made a tag and attached with some retired washi tape.


This Kit included the following: Notepad, Rubber gloves to leave no fingerprints, ninja star, rubber bands, bat whistle, band-aids, money and hand sanitizer.


As I mentioned my brother works at Target and over the years there are a lot of stories of stuff that has happened to my brother or in the stores he's worked in. So to give my brother a laugh we put this kit together for him along with a paper print out of what each item was for.

The Print Out Reads:

Working Black Friday, we know can be EXTREMLY dangerous so the elves have put together a special survival kit just for you to help you survive all those crazy Target Shoppers. In this survival kit, you will find the following:

1- Camouflage bag aka target bag: (this will help you get past security) and nobody will suspect what is inside.
1- Dr. Scholl’s Insoles: this will help keep your feet fresh and comfortable after spending hours chasing those the crazy shoppers and wayward children.
1- Roll of Duct Tape: use in case of emergency patching or extremely rowdy customer.
1- Hand Sanitizer: to try to stay somewhat healthy, Christmas is right around the corner after all and you need to be healthy to wrap my presents.
1- Whistle: In case you get overrun whistle for help.
1- Set of Ninja Stars: break out these bad boys for the EXTREMELY aggressive shopper. You can also use them to help secure that last item that you are shopping for encase there is competition.
1- Pair of Latex Free Rubber Gloves: wear these in case you end up using the Ninja Stars because you don’t want to be leaving any evidence.
6- Rubber Bands: 2nd line of defense if all else fails aim for the eyes.
1- Set of Ear Plugs: pop these suckers in if you just need to escape to your happy place.
2- Large Band-Aids: because we know there will be blood.
1- Compress Pad: because we know there will be LOTS of blood.


Here it is all bagged up ;) My brother thought it was pretty funny.

Puzzle Week:

The third week of November is Puzzle week so each box received some of those BB Mazes (to be non traditional lol). We use to get these all the time when I was a kid so I thought it would be fun to include them.

That was what we included in the November Month Box for each family member that they opened last thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Day Gifts:

Thanksgiving Day Gifts

This is what we put together for the families to open on Thanksgiving Day. I found some fun craft making kits at one of the craft stores so I thought these would be great to keep the kids entertained. For the younger kids I printed out color sheets. You can find a ton of these on-line for free. For the adults I printed out word puzzles, color images and etc all thanksgiving theme. I used some random dsp from my stash to create a pouch to slide the papers into to make them festive for Thanksgiving. Simple make them bigger than 8 1/2" x 11" I clipped the sheets together with one of our retired clips and tied some raffia at the top. Then added a thanksgiving card to each gift.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!



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