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March Family Update


Hey peeps! Lot of you have been asking how things are going with my dad....Feb. 28 he had a check up with the surgeon. Everything is healing great, doctor was very happy with his progress so he doesn't have to go back to see the surgeon for 6 months! Yay!! So dad started farming and going all over. This past weekend he felt good enough my parents made a quick trip to Michigan to see his brother and wife. My dad is on the left and my uncle John is on the right. Been a rough couple of years for these two. My uncle had a heart attack and then dad had all the stuff that happened to him but I think they both look pretty good considering. Things were going good....UNTIL my dad fell at home he slipped on the ice outside and yep he broke a rib!!! UNREAL right? But at least that is all it was as there was a concrete step not to far away and so many bad things could have happened and he at least didn't land on his should either because who knows what would have happened to that! Seriously never dull around here. So back to being full time farmers. ROFL


 On Feb. 28 my husband and I decided to pretty much quit one of our business!! After 18 years we decided we had enough of the 15+ work hours, not being able to do things with our families and friends or go on a vacation even. We were pretty tied down and our business pretty much dictated our living of life. The #1 problem when your self-employed and don't have employees. lol Then with my Rheumatoid Arthritis progressing like it has we just decided health-wise this was the right thing to do. This is me holding our resignation letter for one of our clients. We both can't even believe the change it has made for us and how much better we both feel not so exhausted all the time! It will take some time to adjust as we both feel like were supposed to be somewhere or constantly checking the clock. lol This for us has been a goal that we've been working towards so were both very happy this goal has been accomplished! Were so excited for this new chapter of our life!

Customer Updates:

All packages are officially out the door as of Monday! Thank you everyone for your orders and patience while I get caught up! I still have a pile of stuff to catch up on from class stuff to projects to share. I will be posting several times a day till I am caught up so please bear with me! Soon I hope to be posting my regular video's and etc again hopefully by 2nd week of April!

Blog Maintenance Customers: Everything is up to date and current. If you notice something or have questions please feel free to contact me.

Questions I've been asked:

1. Yes I will be posting my online classes again. I am currently trying to catch up the back log of things that our customers qualified for this past year. For example all the Paper Pumpkin Pick-ups. Thank you to all my subscribers for being understanding and supporting me!

2. When are my clubs starting again? This I am not sure yet on. I am hoping April but maybe not till May just depends on how smooth my work load goes right now. lol

3. What about the Down-line Training I offer? The plan is for May with some very exciting changes!!! Be sure to watch out for details!

4. April my Customer Promotions will be back in full force along with some very exciting changes!! I've appreciate all of you so much for your continued support this past year! I do have a current promotion for this month too!

5. Are you taking on new website clients and blog maintenance? Yes we are I am currently working on creating 5 new blogs for customers. If your interested in a new blog please feel free to shoot me an email at rubberredneck@gmail.com I am happy to chat with you! Or if your looking for someone to add SU Promotions, Catalogs and etc. I always have room on my list for blog maintenance program.

6. Are you going to start selling stuff out of Etsy Store again? Yes I am in fact I did get a couple things listed in the store and as I get time things will be listed! So be sure to check out the Etsy Store regularly and if there is anything you want specifically please let me know! I am happy to do any custom order.

Thank you all for your continued support and thank you to my blog readers for your support too and bearing with me as I share the stuff that I am behind on! As always have questions or comments? Feel free to email me or leave a comment here I love hearing from my readers.



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