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Quick Family Update + More

Morning all :)

Lots of things to share but first a quick update on the family :) November Dad had a couple of more surgeries. One of the surgeries was to see if the infection was gone and good news it appeared to be so the doctors went ahead with the other surgeries. All the surgeries went good. Hubby and I took some time off from working to hunt... I hunted 1 day and next morning woke up VERY sick suddenly. lol Their is something very nasty going around and lucky me got it! I spent the next 3 weeks very sick. I got better just in time to head down for my check up at the Mayo (5 hours from us) where I got bad news. My body has adjusted to the meds for my Rheumatoid Arthritis...UGH now everything that's been going on with me make sense. lol

My dad was scheduled to have his last major shoulder surgery on black friday and they where gonna have to go down on thanksgiving since the surgery was scheduled for early morning. So we decided to have Thanksgiving at my brother's new house. I left Rochester and booked it to my brother's new house it's about a 2 1/2 hour drive it took me 5 hours. THUD Traveling the day before Thanksgiving I don't recommend wow so many accidents and crazy drivers. Thanksgiving Day arrived my parents and hubby headed down to my brothers. Here is the turkey cutting the turkey. Hahaha


Later that day Hubby and I had to head home because of the dogs and farm. The next morning got up did chores and got on the road to head down for dad's surgery. Another 4 hour drive one way. lol Dad's surgery was supposed to take 3 - 3 1/2 hours they were done in 1 1/2 hours! It went really good and the infection was defiantly gone. FINALLY 10 months and it's gone. Hubby and I booked it to go back home. Another fun day of crazy traffic. Dad was in the hospital for a couple of days had some serious pain but otherwise he was doing good.


Next day for us was our niece's birthday party! Hubby and I were exhausted and the poor guy a few days later got sick. He ended up getting what I had only it got so bad it spread to his eyes. Didn't know that could happen and wow peeps that is miserable! So December started off with another sicky. lol


I turned the big 40 and my gift to myself I woke up sick with another cold. ROFL Finally today I feel like this crud is going away. Dad saw his doctors and everything is healing good he can now start moving his arm around a little. Woo hoo! We are getting their peeps!

Customer Update

  • I know many of you placed orders in November and I am sorry I haven't gotten your thank you gifts out getting so sick really set me back. I hope to have stuff out in the mail next week. Along with the new Occasions and SAB catalogs to those that have placed orders! Thank you all for being supportive and so understanding!!
  • Club members your gifts and project packets will be going out in Jan I don't think I will have stuff done before Christmas. When I mail out packages I 'll let you know.
  • Christmas cards won't be happening this year I haven't even been able to start them. I am planning on doing something in Jan. (or at least I hope to lol)
  • My  Downline Team: in January sometime I am hoping to start back up our monthly training stuff for you ladies as well. As always if you need something you know how to get a hold of me :)
  • I will also be posting a little more to my blog here trying to get back into the swing of things. 



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