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Family Gifts: Christmas Countdown Begins

Morning my stamping peeps,

Back today with those family gifts we created last year for our family to open all year!! For December we did a 25 Days of Christmas countdown for 4 families....which resulted in 100 countdown presents for December!!! This is what 25 Days of Christmas countdown looks like for 1 family. Some of you have seen some of this already; I wanted to share all this in order for the new comers ;) I had intended to share each day on the day this year but not everyone could open gifts on the days right away due to work schedules and life. If you want to see everything at once I will be posting to a special board I created on pinterest just for the Family 25 Days Christmas Countdown.


THUD right? I love doing the countdowns in December and normally I just do 12 days and yes in the future I will stick to that! lol For the most part the basic idea was the same however each family was a little different as some have kids, some do not, some have allergies and etc. One thing to note the projects that I will be sharing used last years products from the Stampin' Up! 2016 Holiday Catalog and Stampin' Up! 2016 Main Catalog so some of the product has retired since I created these gifts. You can easily change out the ideas and use the new Holiday products or you'll get lots of ideas using last years product that your hoarding ;)

25 Day Letter

This was the letter we included in the 25 Day's Christmas Countdown. I kept it very simple I printed out what we wanted to say. At the top I created the title and changed it to print in color so it would be more festive. At the top I added a piece of This Christmas Specialty Designer Series Paper (retired) and then I stamped the trees from Stitched With Cheer Photopolymer Stamp Set (retired) in Old Olive ink. Doesn't need to be fancy and feel free to copy the wording too!

Somethings I learned from this project that will be helpful for you ;)

1. Shop an year in advance otherwise to do all of this in December is very STRESSFUL!! lol

2. Be ORGANIZED especially if doing this large of scale!! We were and we weren't towards the middle of this project pretty much chaos happened and their were piles of stuff everywhere with no rhyme or reason. Thank goodness I wasn't hosting Christmas.

3. Make a basic list of what you want to do for the xx amount of days. You can get lots of ideas from pinterest too! Just search christmas countdown. I only had a few days figured out what I wanted to do but over all we didn't do that; we just went to the stores and wandered around trying to figure out what we wanted to do and in December no less when it's a zoo! That part I didn't enjoy trying to figure out what to do as I am a organized person and always have a plan. We also tried to make some gifts to help save on the overall cost.

4. Try to make your projects ahead of December if doing this large of scale. We actually didn't get everything done in time and had 1 am nights (which is very bad for me to do with my RA, I paid the price Christmas Day was spent sick and sleeping, I didn't get do our family Christmas so Merry Christmas to me! lol). We also ran into some major snags where we had to create something entirely different when that's not so great to do in December when the clock is ticking. lol

5. Think about Christmas packaging. For example I knew I would be making all my tags but if your doing a countdown you want numbers so if you don't have numbers that is something to think about. We got lucky when we stopped at Hobby Lobby all Christmas packaging was 50% off but we still spent $200 on just that. My advice if you want to do this go after Christmas and get what you can on clearance! lol

6. Things you will need a LOT of; scotch tape, boxes and several pairs of scissors (we kept misplacing our 1 pair). I used a lot of those white shirt boxes. We kept buying this stuff thinking we had enough but nope hubby had to literally go to walmart every day here. It became a running joke for us. lol

7. Mass production lines work way better too! At first I was doing one family at a time so presents wouldn't get mixed up and if anyone stopped by I didn't want them to see the gifts!! lol We finally got smart and purchased some 6' folding tables set them up in a room where we could shut the door and laid stuff out, created till a table was full then stopped and wrapped and put into labeled totes.

8. If you don't get done in time; oh well! lol The gift recipients will still be excited by the idea!

9. We became expert gift wrappers so if we ever need a job to fall back on. hahaha

Hopefully our families have loved this christmas magic gift we created for them! We still had a lot of fun even if it ended up being stressful. Having a good sense of humor helps too so if you don't then DO NOT do this project! lol Hubby and I ended up creating some pretty good memories and it's something for us to look back on and laugh about.




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