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October Family Update

Morning peeps,

Wow it's almost been a month since I last posted and a lot has happened in that month. We've finally made some progress around here! First big news I got the catalog packages done and out the door to all my wonderful customers!!! I know right? I also got all of thank you gifts done too! Whoop Whoop I will share pictures and etc. after a few days I don't want to spoil the surprise. Huge thank you to all of you for being so patient and understanding! I have the best customers ever :)

My dad is doing; this past week he went in for his surgery to take the samples to see if the infection is gone or not. The doctor couldn't tell so we have to wait to see if any bacteria grows or not. Crossing our fingers it does not so we go onto the next surgery of repairing his shoulder the best they can. At least with this surgery he could come home and not end up in the hospital for days. It's been a tough month with him because he has slipped into some serious negativity, is a little depressed and something is going on with his memory bad. We think it's from the anesthesia. He's been put under 12 times now in a year. Today marks 7 months from the 1st surgery so really I am surprised this didn't happen sooner. If things come back good then we have 3 surgeries left.

I am still working on the parents house and hubby helps on the weekends. In September we started on their bedroom. We had to make a closet since we turned their previous closet into a pantry.


Before picture.


All framed in!


Wires, outlet boxes and sheet rocked.


Mom painted the room.


Inside the closet. I think we are going to build another set of shelves that stand from the floor to the ceiling.


We ended building another closet since their was wasted space behind one of the doors. This way mom had more storage which turned out to be a good thing. Since the other closet wasn't as big as we thought it would be. lol


Sheet rocked and painted.


Here it is all finished.

Took us a month to get this room finished and parents bed put back in their. We still have a few things to finish in this room then it's done. Then all that is left is 2 rooms and go through and finish up little things we left for the winter. Then we will be done!!


I also got mom's bay in the garage all cleaned up 6 months to the day so she could park back in the garage. She was happy to park in the garage. I was happy to not see a pile of lumber, sheet rock and etc. sitting their! lol For 6 months that pile just wouldn't be gone, we'd get it down and then more stuff would be purchased and piled back up it was getting depressing. haha

My dad's awesome farmer friends got together one weekend and worked the cows. They surprised us and I am ever so grateful for them. I wasn't sure how hubby and I were going to work over 100 cows on our own. It usually takes 4 people to work the herd.

We also finished up our firewood for this year! Thank goodness we both were a little stressed over that. We got it all home and stacked and were even able to start on next years.


We cut up the dead trees from my parents farm and the cows had to come check it out while loading a load. If I could only train them to bring and stack we would be set! lol


Some of the calves we raised this year and they are quite curious lot. I thought they would run once the chainsaw started but nope they actually were a bit of a pain. lol


Even my new truck got broke in :( In August Hubby got me a new vehicle for our anniversary. I love it, it has heated seats! My previous vehicle was 13 years old and we were starting to have the nickle and dime stuff happening and since I have to drive 5 hours away for my dr. appointments hubby wanted something more reliable for me. Load after load resulted in this.


7 rows of firewood and just in time before our first snow storm. lol Phew cut it close this year.

Just a glimpse into our life this past month so much more has happened and I will have a lot for my project life album. Were finally wrapping stuff up so I hope to not be so exhausted and get back to my stamping business.

Thanks again for the continued good thoughts, prayers, cards, emails and etc.



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