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Family Update

Howdy Peeps!

It's been awhile and I don't even know where to begin. lol Since I last posted and update on my dad so much has happened and a pretty big turn of events.

My dad contracted Cdiff which if you don't know is a life threatening infection. He got it from being on all this medication. In August the doctors he was seeing basically just threw their hands up in the air said didn't know what to do anymore. Stopped everything, took out the pic line and sent him home even though he still had a gaping hole in his shoulder, and still had an infection. I am not a doctor and you could still tell it was infected. Unreal and I was pretty angry. Dad in the mean time had to have his yearly stomach scope and that doc got angry about what was going on with my dad. So he made calls and got my Dad into the University of MN.  While all this was going on Dad started to complain about how bad his neck and in his back was hurting. The infection was there and spreading because they stopped the antibiotics. Thank God for that doc or my Dad would not be here with us.

End of August off to the University of MN. They ran all their tests Mon, Tue, Wed. We found out the infection had spread into the bone of his shoulder. The rota-tor cuff completely died and gone nothing to salvage. Surgery was advised immediately. I knew it was bad but it was a pretty big shock.  My Dad will never be able to lift over 8lbs with his arm ever again and that will be helping the arm to lift. Devastating news for a farmer. On Thursday of that week he had major surgery. They cut the top of his should bone off and basically shoved a spike into his arm filled with antibiotics to do a time release on the infection. Pic line was put back in so he is  getting liquid antibiotics twice a day.
Surgery was 2 hours and recovery 2 hours it was a pretty long day. He had to stay overnight in the hospital. The next day lots of pain and he couldn't breath due to the pain blocker. His heart rate got pretty wonky so they did several KGB's and decided to keep him another night. I think he just got stressed bad. Who wouldn't. lol Other things happened so he ended up being their for 6 days. He was pretty tough shape when they finally got home and few rough days at home for all of us. I had to come home the next day after surgery to take care of the farm so Dad didn't worry so much. While my parents were at the hospital hubby and I worked on their house.


We still had the flooring to put in the kitchen. Here is the before shot.


Now this should have taken maybe 4 hours but nope 2 - 10 hour days because the walls are so not straight we had to do a lot of fancy cutting and magic to get it to look right. lol


My grandma's china hutch is currently serving as our medical center for my dad. Haha


We also laid the tile in the guest bathroom. Were getting there on their house.


Dad took his first selfie haha when he was being released and sent this to all of us kids. lol He was pretty happy to be heading home. Since then this past week he had his first check up and things are finally healing!! They pulled the staples out and it looks pretty good. In a few weeks we go back for another surgery to take samples to make sure the infection is gone. Cross your fingers because if it is not they go back in and take more bone. Then we wait for awhile for results then go back and have reverse shoulder surgery. Dad's been through a lot already and we still have a very long, long road ahead of us. Dad is completely housebound and all the farming now is on us/me and mom so it's been exhausting but what and adventure this has been. lol A lot of up's and down's. It's been exhausting mentally for all of us. My dad is worried about so many things who wouldn't be. Trying to be positive as we can so he doesn't get in a funk.

So much more has gone on it has not been dull. lol Now hubby and I are scrambling to get our firewood cut and hauled for the winter, scrambling to get stuff done on the farm for winter as Dad will be out of commission through winter. Looks like this years snow plowing will be all mine. Oh yeah! lol For me it's been weird to do things without Dad because it's usually Dad and I.

I am so thankful for all of my customers/friends right now. Thank you for being so understanding and supporting me. I will get thank you gifts out eventually. I am truly sorry I still don't have the catalog/goodie package mailed out I am still working on them. When I get a break from everything I need to sleep because of my stupid disease so I don't end up in the hospital. Thank you for the cards, prayers and etc. the out pouring support has been so humbling to have so many people care even people I don't really know. Thank you!!





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