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Happy New Year + Big Surprise

Happy New Year Peeps!

I know I've been missing all week again and I can FINALLY share why this year I've missed so much time on here besides being super sick and busy with family stuff. It has been super hard to keep this project top secret and not show anything!! I should seriously get a medal for that :) This past two day's we did our family Christmas with my side!! I REALLY couldn't wait for Christmas to get here this year!!!! I was probably more excited than any kid on the planet!!!! haha

So are you ready??? This year I decided to do something pretty FUN and completely CRAZY for our siblings and my one cousin who is like a sister to me and for there families. I made an entire year of gifts celebrating the major holiday's and weird holidays as there Christmas gifts for this year and next year. Yes you did read that right. lol A whole year of gifts!! Some gifts were made and some where purchased. What dose an entire year of gifts look like for one family?


Awesome right? I thought it was awesome!! But of course I had to take it one more step farther and be truly INSANE.... for the month of December I did a countdown to Christmas but instead of just a 12 day countdown I did a 25 day countdown....THUD.


This is what 25 day's of Christmas countdown looks like. Hehehe

We did this for 4 families. Yes 4 families for a total of 363 presents for this coming year!!! 100 of those presents were just the Christmas Countdown for this coming December.

What do you put all these presents in to give? Why 2- 50 gallon totes for each family and some still didn't fit. haha


Of course how do you decorate a 50 gallon tote? Ribbon and lots of ribbon!

How in the world did I get this idea?

Last year in December while I was wrapping the date night kits I made for the family I had the news on and they were talking about some weird holiday like it was doughnut day or something and I thought huh and what?? So off to google I went and low and behold I found a web-sight called Holiday Insights with the major holiday and weird holidays and the idea was born. I thought it would be so fun to teach the kids about it since I obviously knew nothing about it. lol I told my husband what I wanted to do and he thought it would be so cool. So it started out for the kids but then I was having so much fun with it and my cousin is a teacher I thought you know she probably would really like this and so would our siblings. I really started thinking about how hard everyone works and what a great gift this would be as a family gift instead. I love creating gifts for people because for me they are truly from the heart and we love our family so much. I just really wanted to do something special for them this year to show them how much we love them! Family is one of the most important things to me and with everyday life sometimes we forget to have fun, take our families for granted and truly enjoy those little moments. Of course when I told hubby this he thought I was off my rocker yet again :) I knew I would have to really work on it all year to have it done in time.......HA yeah right even working on it all year was not enough time. Every spare minuet I had was working on this project.

This also was part why I didn't share my project life album this past year because so much time was spent on this project I didn't want to give things away :) It defiantly fit our thing of trying something new last year. lol I am a supper organized control freak and I'll be honest no amount of being prepared to do this gift in this magnitude, you still will not be prepared enough. lol

So many things happened with this gift and I will share as they days gifts are opened too because it was really funny all the stuff that happened. The biggest thing I didn't fully think about was what size of gift this would be when we were done and how we would wrap stuff. lol We spent all year saving boxes then dh's cat got sick and decided to use the room I was storing the boxes in as a litter box. Ughh a hole trailer load of boxes in September went to the dump....that really left us scrambling. We didn't really think out what the cost of packaging (totes are soo expensive) it would have been ok if I had planned for that but that was a very big unplanned expense in December to have.

Some other things I didn't think about where the food restrictions some have, having 2 little ones that a lot of things they can't have or do yet (that was a big challenge to try to find things that would work for them). lol Some people told me to just do whatever for it but I didn't want it to be a gift of things people didn't like or would get upset over. I truly care if it's something someone will like and to me that is knowing a person better and making these gifts more personal.

Not all the gifts were the same for every family, each of the families varied in size, children age's, and some have no children. My brother got engaged in October so that was a VERY unplanned thing and we had to scramble to figure out stuff to included Hailey. lol Because in October where do you find things for St. Patty's Day for example it was a riot. I was happy to do it though because it is awesome she is joining our family!!

To start of the gift we created message boards for each family with pictures and a calendar of when to open there gifts.


This is my brother and soon to be wife's message board. We put the picture of when he proposed, engagement picture and a picture of all 4 of us.


This one is of my cousin and here family.


This one is of my hubby's baby brother and wife.


This one is of my hubby's other brother and family.

They turned out so cool!! We used the Silhouette to create the family thing across the top.

All the reactions we got were so funny and some where not at all what we expected. I always prank someone at Christmas time on my side and my cousin panicked. Her response was OMG what did we do this year, she was so worried but when we set the tote down in front of my brother she felt relief. ROFL and by the way I don't think I will ever have to prank you two again mission accomplished. haha They were all pretty shocked and I don't think I will EVER be able to top this gift......but I always find a way I just set the bar VERY high.

So now can you see why I was sooo excited for Christmas this year!! We wrapped gifts right up before we had to leave for our family gathering. It was quite the adventure and we made some awesome memories for us in 2016.

Happy New Year!!





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