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Family Update

Happy Friday!

It's been one wild start to the year for us and boy do I have some laughs for you! First my lap top wouldn't work, thought we had it fixed and then wham. It took almost a month to figure out what in the world was going on with it. This would be the second one I've gone through in less than a year and refuse to buy another laptop. lol Of course all my files are on this thing and not backed up, you would have thought I learned my lesson after that last escapade huh, but ehh life happens.

While that was going on we finished the years gift's for dh's brothers that weren't done that took us 3 solid 15 hour days. Then started the MAJOR clean up of our house and the MONSTER mess in my craft room. I am embarrassed to say it looked like my great aunt's house you know where it's just paths only it wasn't stacked to the ceiling. ROFL What a MESS and I am still not done cleaning it up but where getting there and NEVER again will I let that happen. NEVER lol

Health wise it's been a rough month, lots of VERY bad pain days and the exhaustion hit hard. Lot's of hours logged on my couch and I think I am good on binge watching for the next 5 years. lol Today is the first day I woke not in pain anywhere. I work cows tomorrow so that could be another story. ROFL

You all know my brother is getting married. I am making the wedding invites about 200 of them that need to be done by February 5 YIKES!! but I can handle it.......my mom is retiring and we decided to throw her a big retirement party (last min) since it's a major thing in your life and requires a celebration (of course when we say we, more like my brother you got all this right sis I'll be there just tell me what time haha) so 60 invites that need to go out today that I am not done with (haha) plus all the decorations in less than 2 weeks. No mom I am not sharing anything till your party :) it's a surprise for you! It's gonna be AWESOME and the party of the year cause I have really made some kick ass decorations! Still alright I can do it, been under worse deadlines than this (mom you remember that year of all those swaps 1,000 3d's for convention and pulling 3am mornings haha).....and then now were trying to squeeze in another party...a bridal shower where I am again make invites, and decorations that need to be done ASAP too. I of course want it to special and fabulous because well my sil to be deserves it plus it's not everyday your little brother gets married. I know your think OMG Holly that's crazy cause your crafters you know how much is involved. Lots of unplanned running has been involved picking up party supplies and etc.

Then in between all of this craziness is our everyday daily life, other work life and family happenings......this is what happens when you get a LOT of snow.



It didn't slide off our metal roof on our house like it's supposed to because thank you rain and cold temps it froze to the roof. So one day was  spent shoveling our roof off all 120' feet of it. Needless to say I was out of commission for a couple of days it was a lot of snow and heavy, it kicked my butt. lol


Off course this is what happens when it does warm up and your husband forgets to move the grill up against the house. It slid off the other side almost 2' of snow came crashing down. Ughh what a mess and the grill didn't survive that at all. lol I can laugh now but at the time husband was on my list!


This was one of our clients places I about had a heart attack when I saw this because he normally has a car parked under there; but this time he didn't. Thank god!! Just a trailer and his boat. By some miracle nothing appeared to be damaged other than his roof. Lots of snow here this year so far! Which has kept us pretty busy with our customers. I am ready to cry uncle on the snow.

Right now I don't know how much blogging I will be doing and I haven't decided yet if I will finish out the 25 Days of Christmas because I really will be extremely busy the next 3 weeks here. A lot will depend if I can carve out any time. lol I am very behind on my SU Business and so many other things. I have 600 + emails to go through. lol I still haven't got catalogs mailed out due to seriously not having time and having catalogs damaged that I didn't know about.

So the start of year really has been insane (we thought it would be dull after doing a year of gifts boy we were so wrong lol) and it will probably be like this, till at least after May some time with all these events we have going on. Keep watching for updates and thank you all for the good thoughts, emails, and texts.

Jamie and Holly



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