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The New 2016-2017 Stampin' Up! Catalog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  Sneak Peek Order

My pre-order and the New Stampin' Up! Catalog arrived this last week!!!!! Look all these awesome new goodies!!!!!!!!! Thank you to all my customers and my down-line who support me!! With out you all I would not be able to do what I love!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!! Here is a Sneak Peek of the new catalog!!!

2016_AC_Cover_En-US mine

Love it!! It is awesome and will blow your socks away :)

How Can You Get a FREE Catalog???

  • If you have ordered $50 or more in Stampin' Up! products from me January 1 - May 31, 2016 you will receive 1 FREE Catalog from me at no charge.
  • I will be mailing them as close to the middle of May as possible.
  • If you want one, PLEASE do the following:

            1.   Log in to your Online Stampin' Up! account HERE
            2.  Verify that your mailing address is correct so that you receive the catalog I mail.
            3.  Verify that you are not an anonymous customer to me... if you have clicked the button to have no contact from your demonstrator, I cannot see your name or your address (that might be why you are not getting thank you cards, special offers and catalogs from me!)

To verify that.. click here, then SIGN IN, then click MY ACCOUNT, then click MY DEMONSTRATOR and make sure you see this info... CLICK YES so that I can see who you are.  SAVE CHANGES and you are done!

No Contact

4. Join one of my clubs I have many different club offers available. I have my 6/$25 Club, 6/$50 Club, New Project Life Club Coming Soon, and some other club options too!! Look for details mid May!

Tomorrow I will be posting all my customer promotions for May.

An update on us. I took a break in April due to all the family stuff going on and my flare ups with the RA were pretty bad. April is worse than Christmas for us! lol We had LOTS of birthdays, parties, showers, we wrapped up with the architect (officially have house plans completed squeell!!!!), calving started full swing at my parents farm; this year has been rough too many new first time mama's, my poor dad got a kidney stone (babysat my dad), my uncle had some side effects from his bypass surgery last year and that's just some of the highlights. Needless to say April was CRAZIER than normal. May I had a check up with my doctor and was gone longer then I expected. They have increased my meds I am still having a lot of flare ups with my RA. On the way home this is what happened....

IMG_2147 - Copy

Yep I got into a car accident with......a Turkey!!!!!! Yes you read that right. lol I hit it at 65 miles an hour. It smashed the windshield, there was flakes of glass everywhere. I was literally covered head to toe in it. It was in my hair, eyes, nose, mouth and etc. 5 days later I was still finding glass on me even after all the showers I took. lol

IMG_2143 - Copy

Here is what it looked like from the inside. There was a hole big enough to get 3 fingers through. My mom was with and we where very lucky that this was it. We had cars all around us, very thankful nobody was hurt other than me. I just had scratches all over was lucky no damage done to my eyes. So needless to say May arrived with a bang! lol So yeah we are trying to get back into the swing of our normal life! lol

Thanks for stopping by! If you have any questions please feel free to email me at [email protected]




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