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Happy Late Thanksgiving and so much more!!


Happy Late Thanksgiving to you and your from us!!! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday!

We had a great holiday, lots of great food, company, laughs and etc! We hosted 3 get together s here it was a revolving door of people coming and going; between family and friends we had over 40 people through our doors!! It made for a pretty busy week preparing for all of it. Because it's been a crazy year around here I didn't get my house deep cleaned in the spring like I normally do so there was Lots and LOTS of cleaning prior to the event. I don't normally do the cooking around here but boy did I COOK last week. I am good till next thanksgiving. Haha Here are some non dull highlights from the gatherings. :)

IMG_1121 - Copy

This cutey came for a visit. Isn't that hat adorable along with him!

IMG_1105 - Copy

Potatoes, Potatoes, Potatoes, and more Potatoes. It was a potato marathon around here. I put dh on Potato peeling duty he felt like he was being punished. :)


We mashed soo many potatoes the Mixer BIT THE DUST. My cousin Tim was helping mash the potato's when it started to go out and we were trying to get through the batch but by the time they were mashed we had potato's all over the walls, cabinets, counter, floor and us! So much for a clean kitchen! It was pretty funny we where laughing so hard we had tears and dog was right their cleaning up the floor for us. lol So we had a silent moment before we buried it.

IMG_1107 - Copy

My one cousin's husband is a snuggler. He is always hugging and hanging on my cousin. Drives my cousin nuts when he's in her space constantly; he is a BIG KID. He came up with his new nick name this year Chief Snuggle A Lot and then wrote it on his glass so everyone knew. lol He's great and we love him!

IMG_1118 - Copy

Of course we ALWAYS have nap time around here after the big meal. Harmon was the champ and winner this year! Just some few and fun highlights form this years thanksgivings.

It did wear me out and made my stuff flare up so this week been recovering from it all and cleaning up the mess. It was worth it lots of great memories and laughs. Then on Dec. 1 we received this.


We got about 8" of heavy, wet snow at our house. Merry Christmas to us! lol So last few days we've been dealing with that mess between our house and our client's places. We can't complain too much we really haven't had any snow up till now. It sure was pretty. Been a pretty busy two weeks for us!




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