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Family Update


It's been quite here for a reason and I thought I would give you an update as to what is going on. This past week here has been not dull for us; 2015 is going out with a bang for sure for our family. My Father in-law this past week had a stroke. Unfortunately while doing the MRI to see what damage may have been done from the stroke they did something to his neck. His neck is fused together in several places. So he is in a lot of pain right now. On top of all of this he also has pneumonia. Late last night we got the MRI test results back and happy to say there was no brain damage done from the stroke. We have several more tests left to get the results back from but overall he was pretty lucky the EMT's arrived when they did and that my Step MIL realized what was going on.

During Christmas we had several little ones sick that were here and of course the rest of us have caught it. :) Tis is the season! So I've been pretty sick with a cold that has REALLY kicked my butt too. Which is a small thing compared to what is going on with my FIL but I didn't have much strength to do anything at all; pretty much have slept around the clock. I apologize for making some of you worry since I didn't even feel good enough to check my emails. My husband usually checks everything for me when I am sick but he had a lot on his plate this past week.

I'll be catching up all my emails today so if you sent an email and don't hear from me please resend it in case I didn't get it for some reason.



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