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Bontanical Gardens at the Bellagio

Morning everyone!!

I thought I would share a couple pictures from Vegas!! One of the places we had to go check out was the Botanical Gardens at the Bellagio. The last two times I have been in Vegas is in the Spring and the gardner said they changed out the plants to match the season. So since it was July I really wanted to see what they had put out. WOW is it beautiful!!!

Mini garden 1


Mini garden 2

The pictures really don't do it justice. It is just gorgeous if you ever make it to Vegas go and check it out!! Today we make our way to Salt Lake City and tomorrow the Stampin' Up! Convention starts!!! It's been a lot of fun here in Vegas even with the 107 degree weather. lol Yesterday my mom and I did some of the shows. One of the shows we did was the Titanic display at the Luxor it was absolutely amazing!!!! I learned a lot about things that I didn't know. Unfortunately I don't have pictures to share as your not allowed to take pictures of the artifacts to help preserve them. The flash from the camera will break them down more. I highly recommend it they had a lot of items that they were able to recover from the wreckage.

Thanks for stopping by!! Have a great day!



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