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In Memory

Its been a very long week here but I wanted to take a few minuets and post to my blog. A lot of people have been sending me cards, emails and phone calls and it has moved me greatly that in our time of need people that I don't know well have taken the time to express there sympathies to us. I wanted to share with you all a picture of my husbands Aunt. This death was very hard because she committed suicide. She went on a trip and did this so its been a nightmare trying to get her remains back here. Unfortunately her ashes will not be here in time for the funeral on Monday. She was an amazing person, sweet, kind, caring and loved all her nieces and nephews greatly. It was something completely out of character for her to do. We as a family will struggle to understand why this happened but we will remember her laughter, her smile and her love. We will never forget all the special moments that we got to share with her.

The funeral is Monday Aug. 3rd at the Calvary Lutheran Church. Visitation is 10am and the funereal is 11 am for those of you that have been asking. Thank you again for you thoughts and prayers.On behalf of me and Colleen's family.


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