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Quick Family Update + More

Hey peeps!

Last week I was going to post an update and with a snap of a finger the week was gone. My dad is still not better; it's turned into such a nightmare and at this point his arm may not be 100% every again. Since I last posted he's had more surgeries and the incision from the first surgery isn't healed yet. Basically not good peeps, not good at all. We just have to take it day by day but we still have a VERY, VERY long road ahead of us. Still working on everything hubby and I are averaging 15-17 hour work days. We've made some progress on the parents house but that's been a whole other story. lol My doctors also increased my meds and I am struggling with that; they make me so sick. I don't know how that is good for you. lol On top of this I broke my foot!! So it's been pretty wild for hubby and I.


Cabinets installed in the kitchen.

IMG_3769 - Copy

Apparently we haven't taken a full on picture of the kitchen cabinets since we got the crown molding on them. lol Still have to install black splash.

Then we moved onto the master bathroom.


Started ripping the sheet rock and wallpaper out.


Gutted master bathroom. This took us a 12 hour day because they used glue and so many nails it was insane.


All sheet rocked!


Tile installed. The next day when we went over some of the tile didn't settle right so it had to ripped back up and reset. (roll my eyes)


This is the bathroom vanity hubby and I made for my parents. Turned out pretty cool but wow it was a nightmare to get in. The walls apparently are crooked by 1/2" no less so it wouldn't fit in the front of the opening for the vanity. Dh only measured the opening in the back. Yep he learned his lesson and apparently I can't leave him unsupervised. hahaha Hubby and I had to tear the vanity apart to trim it down after building it for 2 weeks. He was on my list! lol


Master shower done and boy was this thing a nightmare and pain. I won't bore you with the details but I almost went on strike over this shower 4 months working on that stupid thing. lol We just have to finish sealing it up, install the toilet and put the washer/dryer unit back in this room will be done!


Utility room tile installed. Still have to trim out this room but where getting there.


July 4th we got a surprise we had a baby born early. Her poor lungs weren't developed so she was a bottle baby. She had to be feed 3 times a day to start out with.


Few weeks later and she decided she was so done doing the bottle thing. lol Never had that happen before. She's pretty cute and doing good.

That's what's been happening for July and good part of August, besides our regular work.

Customer Update

Sorry I still haven't gotten catalogs out to those that qualified. I am waiting on a couple of things to arrive to make up for being late with them. Cross your fingers next week they go out sometime!

I am also in the process of packaging up all the prizes from my 25 Days of Christmas Giveaway. I will be contacting the people that won prizes over the next few days.

Thanks for the good thoughts, emails, cards, phone calls, prayers and the continued support of my businesses! I do appreciate it a lot!! I feel blessed to have such great friends and customers.




Family Updates + More

Hello peeps,

I hope you and your families are doing good and enjoying the start to summer! A lot has been happening here. May was pretty insane for us thus why no blog posts. I just want to take a moment and say thanks for the prayers and good thoughts it's been quite a journey for us. Jamie's grandpa is now home! Woo hoo! He did get sent to the rehabilitation place thank goodness. He can't be on his own right now not sure if he will ever be able to, but he continues to work hard at physical therapy and doing exercises at home.


Hubby with his grandpa. I think grandpa looks pretty good!

Things haven't been good with my dad. It took 9 weeks before the infection finally has gone away. It involved several surgeries they even had to go in and remove the hardware from the rota-tor cuff surgery. He had to have a wound vac put in to try to pull the infection out. (Boy doesn't that sound appealing? lol) The rota-tor cuff surgery failed too, things let loose inside :( The pocket hole that formed and got infected right now will not heal and close up so this past week the parents meet with another specialist. Dad will have to have surgery to close up the hole then when it finally heals they will go back in and do the rota-tor cuff surgery again. He still has the pic line and continues to be on the antibiotic. We've been in and out of the hospital and he's had some side effects from all the surgeries. Continued prayers and good thoughts are appreciated; it's been pretty scary and just plain crazy. We will continue to be full time farmers for quite some time. lol


Lots of babies born. There so cute when they are little. The other day we spent several hours chasing a bull that got out. He was definitely not so cute! ROFL So far we've only lost 3 calves which is pretty good. We have 1 left to calf and then get a break till August when fall calving starts. Thankfully this year it's gone pretty smooth for us! We've been busy fixing fences, and hauling manure all that lovely fun stuff.

Of course with all of this going on we are still working on the parents house remodel. I CRUMBA I don't think it will ever be done. lol


This is the backside of the kitchen cabinets at my parents house. They look nice in the picture but I assure you they weren't. They were made out of basically paper and pressed board. Modeler home for ya. They had this entire row that went across the center of the kitchen and separated the dinning room.  You can't see it in the picture but the living room and kitchen were an open floor plan.


We ripped them out to open it up and give more room for the dinning table. Then built a partial wall between the kitchen and living room. Of course Gizmo was underfoot all the time. lol Were the fridge is was cabinets too that we ripped out. Then we ripped them out by the stove and sink too.


Our wall we built...yes there were plenty of jokes.


We kiltzed everything and mom painted the kitchen. I love the color she picked it'll look awesome with the cabinets.


Last Friday the cabinets were delivered! They got hickory cabinets. Gorgeous!! We did get them installed but forgot to take a picture. haha We still have to put up trim on the ceiling, install the kick-board and trim on the cabinets, and finish up with the counter top caulking. Then all that will be left is installing the floor but that has to wait till we are done with their bathroom and the mud room. My cousin and I finished up the shower in the bathroom. We have to finish up sheet rocking, paint, build the new bathroom vanity and install it then we can lay the tile. The mud room we just have to sand, paint, pull up the cracked tile and lay the new. We did get mom's pantry done just have to install the door! Progress but slow.

My brother's wedding was mother's day weekend and it was gorgeous! Everything went good! It was exhausting for hubby and I it was 2 1/2 hours away but we had to drive back and forth because of our dogs and the cows since we were calving. We don't have the pictures yet but someone snapped a couple and sent them to me.


My mom's brother and family with all of us.


Us and my cousin's boys. These guys are my peeps! They were so good that day I was very proud of them. Hayden is taller than me know and Hunter is not far behind. lol


Nate is a good friend of my brothers that we consider like another brother with his wife (Jess) and daughter (Lyla). Lyla was the flower girl and she was soo cute!

Then we ended May with my one of my cousin's kids graduating. This was an important one for us!


Taylor was our flower girl in our wedding. Boy has the time flown by! Seems like yesterday when she was born and we were holding her. She is super smart and going to the university of mn for physics she wants to do the science stuff like they do on that show CSI.

Pretty crazy month for us! No wonder why we are exhausted right?


Stampin' Up! Update

Due to all going on I didn't get the catalog's and goodie package done on time. I am still working on them and hope to have them in the mail to all of you that qualified for the package by the end of the week at the latest. I apologize for the delay I just haven't had time with all of the stuff going on and with the days not feeling good it's been hard for me to keep up with my stamping business. Thank you for your continued support I do appreciate it!





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