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Family Update

Hello Peeps,

I know lots of you have been emailing me and checking to see how things are going and how my parents are doing. Thank you! It's been quite the week here for us. Still plugging away on my parents house but someone decided to share there cold with me :) So been pretty exhausted physically, but feeling better! We are making progress but it's been one nasty surprise after another! lol Last weekend more storms here and my parents front door leaked very bad so that wasn't the problem. I crumba! So it turned into finding out what and where and we discovered a nasty surprise.


We had to rip off the parents deck, and the siding to get to what we discovered.


All along there deck and about 2 feet past the deck the outer sheets of there house had rotted away. There had been no flashing installed on there house where the deck attached to it. REALLY not good! We were all pretty sick to discover this because underneath this is the sill plate of the house then your floor. My parents got so lucky the bottom of the house had been wrapped in a heavy plastic so underneath the OSB it was protected.  Had it not been protected the entire wall of the front of the house would have had to come out and 3 rooms floors would have been damaged. They have a modeler home. So very thankful!!


We replaced the OSB and sealed it all back up. No leaks this week. Thank god!!! We have the deck part ways on and started mudding and taping in the rooms where the sheet rock had to be replaced.

It's been quite the week and half. Very expensive and my parents 16 year old cat died too :(

At our house we had to rip out the carpet in our spare room unplanned and yesterday we had to put our cat Kiko to sleep, so sad. We've had for 12 1/2 years. Her body was shutting down, she was our first pet together as a couple and my husbands first "pet". It's hard but I find peace knowing she isn't suffering. So it's not been dull here at all! lol

Thanks for all the good thoughts and prayers for us and our family!




So sorry for the loss of your furry family members.

I am so sorry to hear about yours and parents furry babies, so sad. Hope all else is going better today. Get some rest, colds are a pain. Thinking of you.

Glad to hear you found the problem, but oh my, what a lot of work! Sad to hear of the pets too, they become family for sure.

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